Yet another new wordpress plugin launched on

A new plugin has been created by our wordpress developer and has been approved at This plugin is a very unique one… why? We will tell you why. Because this plugin is created for wordpress registered users to chat internally, and the best part of this plugin is that it is completely free. There are lots of plugins out there who provide user to user chat but has limitations and many of them are paid plugins. But wp ajax user chat plugin is a free plugin that can be used for N number of users on any website.

Why should you use wp ajax user chat plugin?
If you have users registered with your website and you want them to chat internally then this plugin is just for you. Giving a internal chat system to your website users is a great thing and it enhances your users experience. The best part of this plugin is that you do not need any external API to run this plugin means this plugin is not dependent on any other external resource.

how to you use this plugin?
There are no settings required to run this plugin just install it and activate it and rest is handled by the plugin 🙂
The only thing you need is registered users who can chat with each other. Just get people registered with your website and this plugin does the rest. Users need to login to the site and then only they can chat with each other.

Note: The chat which will be done between the users will not be available the next time. This means that once the chat box will be closed the chat session finishes. New chat session won’t have the previous chat messages available next time.

free download link: